Hey, that's us! 

Natalie Pinney + Moira Thompson, CO-FOUNDERs, Whim Events

When we co-founded Whim Events in 2011, our mission was to give engaged couples the dreamiest weddings ever, and to support local artists + makers to bring these events to life. Since then, we've steadily built our planning/floral design company, working with some of Boston's best artists and craftsman. Amidst the fun, we realized one thing...the event industry can be click-y and catty if you aren't too careful. And that ain't cool. So in 2016, the B List was born, to connect and foster Boston's event community and to encourage collaboration over competition. Because honestly, we believe the most magical events are produced when talented people connect.

Read about The BList  in the Boston Globe and the Improper Bostonian.