hold your horses, ya'll. 


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2018: alright.. stop, collaborate & Listen

Dude, imagine yourself back in the day, say 1992.  No, no, not the you that was a pimple-faced teen, but the you that was obviously THE BOMB.  How good were those bangs, right?? That's why #theblist is going 90s throwback this year, just for you. Think Hip Hop, Atari, Pop Rocks, Your Mom!...you name it.  AND, as always, we've got some of the biggest B LIST surprises we have ever had, so you don't want to miss a thang.  Tickets: $40/per person OR  $35/per person with a group, for a hella cool night out that includes:

  • Complimentary delicious food from 3 of Boston's best catering teams: Max Ultimate Food, Capers Catering & East Meets West. (ps. get ready for PopRocks inspired treats, MTV Spring Break Cancun stations, Dunkaroos, Upscale Lunchables, Capri Sun cocktail sips & much, much more!)

  • Complimentary Craft Cocktails, Beer & Wine from: Wanderlush, Jack's Abbey, Collective Arts Brewing & Gordon's Fine Wines & Spirits

  • A goody bag full of fun take homes (valued at $50 each - for the first 200 guests)

  • A chance to win some amazing prizes including: overnight hotel stays, 20 gift boxes to give away from Lux Box Co. (valued at $50 each), gift certificates from local restaurants and more!

  • A Best Dressed contest with a fabulous prize to be announced!

  • And as always, so much to do + see: live art, The Danger Booth, Boston Gif, cotton candy cart from Le Petit Pouf, an espresso bar from Espresso Dave & a sweet dance party with a Hip Hop performance from Entertainment Specialists and a Hair & Makeup bar that will bring you back to your Kaboodles days.

  • Your ticket also includes your donation to Boston Center for the Arts programs: to nurture artists, engage audiences and provide dynamic artistic experiences all year long.

  • And the best crowd this industry has ever seen (yes, you). ps. See our amazing sponsors here.


Tickets benefit Boston Center for the Arts programs to nurture artists, engage audiences and provide dynamic artistic experiences all year long. And ya'll, we gots to charge this year to pay the servers and bartenders who make this party happen.


Join the party all year long on the B LIST Facebook Group! We hope to soon host industry workshops and cocktail meet-ups all year long. Join the group to be in the know!  #theblist